International #1 Best Selling Author and Frequency Expert Jarrad Hewett Presents
Discover the Hidden Power of Vibrational Sound Healing with 52 of the most Comprehensive Healing Energy Tracks ever Recorded!
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Why spend your time and money learning new techniques when you could Easily and Effortlessly Tap into your Internal Powerhouse NOW?

Practitioners of Meditation, Visualization, and Seekers of all ages and walks of life have one goal in common: creating a better life and world for themselves, their family, friends, and their loved ones.

Across the planet, millions of people just like you are waking up to a whole new realm of consciousness.

Why do some people experience huge transitional shifts, while others are still seemingly stuck in a life struggling with money, relationships, careers, and health, while feeling unfulfilled and searching for purpose?

The Answer Lies within Frequency

Welcome to The Miracle of Frequency

Jarrad Hewett, #1 International Best-Selling Author, frequency expert, and founder of the QTFM program, has created the most mind-blowing, ground breaking, paradigm shifting experience you’ll ever have.

In just 5 to 10 minutes a day of listening to these powerful frequencies, this program will connect you to the magnificent vibrational power of miracles.

Imagine ten minutes a day of soothing frequency and energy healing every day.

How could your life change with 52 Powerful Frequency Treatments designed to transform and heal every aspect of the Body, Mind & Soul.

...and what if you could receive this treatment simply by listening to music?

In your home or office, whether alone, at work, at a party, or with loved ones, you will be able to listen to beautifully inspiring and moving music, while being infused with some of the most supportive, loving, regenerative, healing, and potent frequencies offered to date.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?
Using his own proprietary energy technology, Jarrad has layered frequency upon frequency into this amazingly healing program! You will receive 52 BRAND NEW 7 to 10 minute frequency tracks layered with some of the most potent and powerful energy you’ve ever experienced. Set to music, these multi-layered tracks have been changing the lives of thousands of people across the globe.

Thousands of people in all walks of life have experienced the Huge Growth, Amazing Breakthroughs, and Life-Changing Manifestations and Miracles that can come from working with Jarrad, but never before has he given this kind of UNPRECEDENTED access to his high level frequency treatments at such a low price.

How it Works

EVERYTHING is Energy - therefore, EVERYTHING has an energetic frequency!

Your life is the product of millions and millions of frequencies - just like a symphony is the product of thousands and thousands of musical notes. Jarrad’s frequency tracks are like giant tuning forks that vibrate through your entire energy field, changing your resonance and bathing you in the frequencies of the Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, and more, contained in each track!

Scientists know that everything is energy, and energy workers across the globe extol the importance of hydration, but have you ever stopped and wondered why?

Water is a conductive element through which energy is able to move and flow allowing the frequency treatments to work at a primordial, cellular level. It is also known in many circles as the giver of life. It is no coincidence then that our bodies – like our planet – are made up of 70-80 percent water. Our environment is also water (the clouds and atmosphere), and if we go into our cells, we may find that we are even more water than previously thought.

Look at how Frequency Impacts Water
This video by Dr. Masaru Emoto, shows how consciousness (energy/vibration/FREQUENCY) effects and actually changes the
molecular structure of water – and what are we?

And it's not just water that scientists are beginning to notice being effected by frequency. Solid Matter will literally re-arrange itself according to Frequency.

Here is another POWERFUL video showing the effects of frequency:
The Power of FREQUENCY

If these frequencies can change the structure of water (and what are we?) as well as re-organize physical matter (the salt in the video above), imagine the profound transformational value to you!

Greater connection and peace of mind along with an ability to focus and harness your energy so that you
can Create a Life of Abundance
and Ease.
Soothing and Energetically Uplifting Healing Treatments from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, that can be your
much-needed spa break, getaway, or pick-me-up in an otherwise hectic, stressful, and busy world.
The ability to naturally attract people, foods, and situations with a higher, more healing frequency,
bringing your life, world, and body into balance.
A deeper and better
understanding - at the conscious and subconscious level - of how creation and your body really work.
Easily and Effortlessly Reprogram and Transform your Holographic Template allowing unprecedented access to the conscious and subconscious mind, thereby creating non local transformation and healing at every level.
Empower your subtle energy bodies and subconscious mind so that you can create the most
effective and customized self-directed healing and change.

Each musical frequency treatment is layered and loaded with multiple stacks of potent, life-changing frequencies.
And now, just by listening, YOU TOO can feel the LOVE and CHANGE YOUR WORLD!

Here is an example of how loaded each treatment is:
Your Divine Body
The frequencies present in the Divine Body treatment are meant to help you discover your self worth and ground excessive, scattered energy while reestablishing a natural, healthy flow. The inner mental and physical peace present in this treatment is meant to establish a sense of balance and sovereignty in life allowing for the experience and expression of joy.

This treatment also works the lower chakras and energy bodies, helping to release shame and the effects of physical or sexual abuse and trauma. It allows one to feel comfortable with and fully accept the joy of physical embodiment, thereby enabling the individual to be open to sensuality and touch and to enjoy physical and emotional intimacy – be it with themselves, their partner, or The Universe ITSELF!

The Divine Body Treatment is also formulated to open the subconscious mind through pineal stimulation to release deep-seated trauma encoded in the DNA of the cells. The frequencies present are meant to bring a sense of grounding and uplifting through emotional releasing and elevated spiritual consciousness.

...And that’s just barely scraping the surface!

Whatever the Topic, Whatever the Hurdle,
There is a Frequency Track That AddressES it!
Weight Loss
Family Trauma
Limiting Life Patterns
Unlimited Joy
Business Success
All packed into Healing Treatments
That You can Play Over and Over and Over!

52 Frequency Treatments
for Healing and Expansion!!

Sample the Power of Jarrad's Frequency Track

This is Jarrad’s very own 2 Minute Morning Wake up Frequency Track! Created by him to help his energy flow and the vibrations stay high, this two minute track is loaded with over 147 frequencies of joy, abundance, love, and positivity and acts as an amazing shot of inspiration that will help you start your days off in full-on fun, freedom, and creation mode!

What will you do with a Complete Library of Sound Vibrational Therapy at your disposal?

Here is what people just like you have discovered about working with Jarrad Hewetts Healing Vibrational Sound Therapy.
“There is nothing more priceless than feeling long lost pieces of my heart returning home to me after so long.”
- Rebekah Osorio
"Thank you so much for these beautiful and powerful Divine tracks - I am beginning to feel my true essence ... I am infinitely grateful."
- Sylvia
"These are way beyond and above what I ever could have expected. They are so "moving" in many ways. My energy went BAM. (That's good!) Blessings and More Pure Love to you all through the New Year.Hugs and Love."
- Elizabeth
"I heard the Balance of All Energy track for the first time on the live Ultimate Gift call on Dec 30th. When Jarrad played just a few seconds of the track at the beginning of the call beautiful tears of such love joy and gratitude flowed and my heart opened fully and completely I became so present felt like I was “home” deep within myself."
- Judy
"All my fields....emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, energetic...felt amazingly calm, peaceful, balanced, harmonized, and centered... that feeling & state, of being in Divine Flow with everything around you! Thank you bunches Jarrad!"
- Regina
"Simply amazing & peaceful energy at the same energy time. Thank you Jarrad!"
- Jemma
"Thank you sooooooooooooo... much Jarrad, I've been listening to all the tracks, blissing-out and feeling buzzed! Yeah, what a great way to start the new year!"
- Zoie
"I had chills and lots of light coming in my crown chakra on my first listen during the second track...I have many children that come to my home and have been sharing the frequencies with them and LOVE to watch their energy shift! I am grateful!"
- Liz
I have spent the last couple years, and thousands of dollars, purchasing program after program, searching for the answers, hoping and praying this is going to be the one, with no major break throughs until now. My search is over and my life begins. Jarrad is the real deal! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. I am now living life instead of just existing.....Forever grateful and grinning from ear to ear”
- Debbie in New Brunswick Canada
"I love this track, I held off listening for a few days until I felt hydrated and then played it really loud. It's so expansive and exciting... currently it feels like the excitement of being a child on Christmas morning to find it snowed overnight and everything is clean and pristine, full of magic and sparkles."
- Lorna
"For me, this track is like a lullaby...warm and cozy."
- Mary Ellen
"I've been a Reiki practitioner and energy healer for years, and just three minutes into this first track felt like I'd just experienced hours of healing work! Totally amazing!!"
- Janet
“I especially love the fact that I have a TREASURE CHEST of my own personal private frequencies, and I have them for the rest of my life! What a wonderful Divine Resource.”
- Colleen
"I felt all my chakras open up, the left and right hemispheres of my brain balanced, my spinal cord opened up ... there was a shift in my kundalini channels, especially to the left of my spine. My right hemisphere was definitely activated too. Lots of energy around my crown and back heart chakras. Oh, and my aura felt so crisp and clean afterwards ...And this is week 1? Again ... WOO-HOO!"
- S.D.
I have done years of work in this field and have never ever so profoundly and quickly shifted so much in my life. Trust me it will be the greatest investment you can take for yourself and for those you love around you. Your life can be all you want it to be - I'm experiencing this myself first hand because of this program - and I know you can too!”
- Melissa
"These tracks are flipp'n off the charts!"
- Jeni
"I'm in awe of the connection I experience"
- Sophie
Three Irresistible Guarantees
Guarantees #1

Professionally Mastered Orchestral Tracks

Each track was recorded in a studio by professional master musicians from around the world. You will be astounded by the quality of the compositions as the treatments run in the background.

Guarantees #2

Multi-Layered Frequencies For Life

These tracks are layered with some of the most comprehensive frequency treatments available. The most prudent advice is to review this material diligently and with an open heart. With repeated listening, comes new understanding and insight that can best be summed up as an unending series of gifts and epiphanies. Time and time again, new "aha" moments will unfold, leading to a deeper healing and more comprehensive understanding of the Self.

Note: Those we love can often trigger old and deep patterns or beliefs. This condition further reinforces the desire to review this material over many listening sessions - especially during stressful times. Remember you can also write to us at any time for personal guidance and tips. This amazing library is yours FOR LIFE to come back to time and time again

Guarantees #3

We’re Here for

We not only have top notch responsive customer service team, but we also have a special private membership site to offer you an unprecedented twelve months of compassionate guidance and friendly support.

Sign up today, and for less than the cost of a latte a week.

You can begin Today with your first Frequency track!

Sign up today, and for less than the cost of a latte a day,
you can have a complete healing library from today’s most
leading-edge Vibrational Healer.

Imagine changing your life just by listening to Beautiful uplifting
frequency music and having a library of frequency treatments, in every
subject, for life - to go back and listen to whenever you desire!

Mild Caution: The Energy in these tracks is EXTREMELY potent. Please use caution when listening and DO NOT use motor vehicles or operate heavy machinery while listening. Listen to your body, and make sure and hydrate. Water is a conductive element, and as you raise your vibration, you may notice yourself dehydrating. Jarrad does not recommend listening to these tracks more than once in the first twenty four hours. Give yourself time to integrate the energies and see how your body responds. Over time, as your frequency raises, you will be able to hold more and more of the vibration and listen as often as you’d like.

Order Today and you’ll also receive this SPECIAL BONUS with your first download:

Purchase within the next 24 hrs and Jarrad will include the Frequency Track for Structured Water Absolutely FREE!

Jarrad is Offering YOU the Incredible Opportunity to Harness the Frequency of Structured Water


People have paid anywhere from $600 to $10,000 dollars for machines, filters, and frequency generators to charge their water. This five minute Frequency Only Silent Structured Water Track is what Jarrad charges his own drinking water with every day! Best of all it is portable & mobile!
"Structured Water Testimonials"
“If I structure water physically and then place it in front of speakers and play Jarrads track, the water is definitely more uplifting and energizing! Plus I feel more of a shift in my brain which I don't feel with physically structured water.”
- Sylvia
“ This is perfect. I have a hand held structured water unit and I had the sensation of being 'in' it while listening to the frequency only beautiful simultaneous left/right spin, clearing, cleaning, relaxing, flowing...”
- Karen
“Just enjoyed my first glass of structured water using the frequency track. Wow, it even tastes different! This is so cool!”
- Laurel
“I looped the structured water track last night when I was out and then all evening at work. I did not experience any side effects... except people being in a great mood and even being hugged by strangers!!" ”
- Linda M in NY
“I love this!! Structured water running through the whole house at all times. It will impact everyone in the house, your pets and plants andthink of where that lovely structured water goes as it leaves the house!!”
- Joanne
“My ankle has been locking up every night...I release it in the shower, it is usually painful, but the hot water helps. This morning with the structured water frequency going, my ankle released effortlessly and pain free!”
- Suzi C in Australia

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Disclaimer and Cautions

The Frequency Treatments in Jarrad Hewett's Vibrational Sound Therapy Program...

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These treatments are meant to help facilitate your self-healing. You, the listener, accept full responsibility and accountability for any and all life-changes that may occur as a result of interacting with this type of transformational material.

It is suggested that you pace yourself when listening to these audio files. These treatments can be catalytic in nature. If you listen to them too often, you may get over stimulated. Possible emotional upheaval may occur as you begin to change your resonance and raise your vibration.

Please do not listen to these treatments in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

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